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He was born in Verona  (IT)

He studied Piano and Percussion since he was 8 and when 11  also studied the Clarinet for four years.

He Graduated at the Scientific Experimental High School and got a MA in Symphonic Percussions with Saverio Tasca at the "E.F. Dall 'Abaco" Conservatorio in Verona, where also got a Piano 8th Degree (Piano Performance). 

Afterwards  he attended the course of Composition and Orchestration for Symphonic Band at the Conservatorio "E.F. Dall'Abaco" in Verona with Roberto Di Marino

He also studied Jazz Harmony and improvisation in various Masterclasses with Dave Samuels and David Friedman 

He played the Piano and Keyboards in a folk band for 7 years.

He studied Drums with drummer Lele Veronesi

Winner of the Award "Accademia Filarmonica" reserved for the best graduates by the year 2003

As a  Classic Performer he played as Vibraphone Solist with the Orchestra of the Arena in Verona (2003), working as well as a percussionist (I.Stravinskij Les Noces, 2003), with the Orchestra of the Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza  (IT)  and  with the Orchestra of the Alps of Rovereto (IT) .

He was Vibraphonist/Marimbist of  the "Frank Zappa Project - Tribute to Frank Zappa" by Glauco Venier. He played with Pietro Tonolo, Eric Vloeimans, Martin France, Chris Laurence, Rossano Emili, Luca Spagnoletti, Dario Cecchini, Glauco Venier, Klaus Gesing, Dave Samuels, Riccardo Chiarion, Francesco Sotgiu, Diana Torto. 

He studied History and Criticisms of Cinema  at the University of Padova, with curriculum oriented to Soundtracks.

He studied Orchestration in Bulgaria with Christo Pavlov, Soundtrack Scoring with Christopher Young and Derek Gleeson, Mic & Soundtrack Mixing with Debbie Smith.



In 2009 he obtain a MA for Music Teaching

His works has been performed in Various Theatre, TV and Movie project  (Also in Venice Biennale Exhibition and Venice Guggenheim Foundation)

He ranked as a finalist in "Maurice Ravel"  Prize , International Composing Competition in 2016

Afterwards he deepened the study of Composition with Composer Paolo Ugoletti at "L. Marenzio" Conservatorio in Brescia (IT) 

In 2021 with Gomalanbrass Quintet recorded  "Tex in Brass", a concert work dedicated to "Tex" , the longest-lived Italian national comic  (first publication: 30 September 1948)  



Since 2017 is Faculty Instructor and Orchestrator in GEMS Programs by Nigel Lees  with Hollywood composers Christopher Young , Pete Anthony, Garry Schyman and Spanish composer Juanjo  Molina in Madrid (ES)

Grateful to composer M° Paolo Ugoletti , friend and rare Master

Francesco Menini is an Italian freelance Composer,  Orchestrator, Arranger and Multi-Instrumentalist

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